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Providing Top-Quality Public Access and Task Training

We help service dog owners confidently navigate the journey of service dog training without the fear of making a mistake that could effect their future medical equipment.

Tackle training obstacles with confidence

Feel Safe in the Hands of your Service Dog

Live Your Life Knowing Your Service Dog Has Your Back

Some common issues we help owner trainers with include:

  • You have a puppy who can't seem to get a hang of potty training and housebreaking, and it's extremely frustrating!​

  • You have a service dog in training who will listen at home and
    embarrass you in public
    by ignoring commands.​

  • You have a puppy or adult dog who needs safe and intentional socialization but you are terrified giving them a scary experience!​

  • You have a service dogs who needs to begin task training, but you are overwhelmed and don't know where to start.​

  • You have an adolescent service dog who is suddenly having reactivity or confidence issues and you don't know what to do!​

  • Your service dog is fully trained but you are getting ready to tackle major travel, and you are worried about making it a negative experience.

"I love my experience with Expedition Paws Dog Training. Megan is approachable and kind, which made me feel 10x more comfortable during the entire experience. She is extremely detailed and helpful through everything!"​

- Tatiana & Bunny

We believe every service dog handler deserves to have dependable and adaptable medical equipment that can help them confidently navigate life.


We will help you train your service dog to keep you safe, bring you independence, and be a lifelong companion. ​We help service dog owners get the results they need. We understand that a service dog is not just a dog----it's your lifeline, and your best friend who will be by your side during the good and the bad days.

We understand this because our trainer Megan has her own chronic health struggles. She uses a service dog herself and understands how important it is for a service dog and their handler to work as one.

We understand more than most how vital a service dog is to their handler, and will work tirelessly to help you and your service dog succeed.

"We could not be happier with both training programs we purchased from Expedition Paws! Megan is extremely knowledgeable, hands-on, and isn’t afraid to tell you what needs to be done. Our little Asher is now more confident than ever and a service dog in training- something we didn’t think would be possible! Thank you so much Expedition Paws!"​

Desi & Asher

What does training with us look like?

When training with us, we turn YOU
into the expert. We work side-by-side with you and your dog to teach you to work as a

We know that teamwork makes the dream work. This is why our service dog training programs incorporate intensive training for your dog, and a service dog handling crash course for you!

​In addition to hands-on help, we have TONS of resources that we share to help you navigate the various stages of service dog training, as well as personalized gear to keep your dog looking professional through the entire training process.

3 Easy Steps to Getting Started

1. Fill out a form by clicking the button below so we know where you are in your service dog journey.

2. We'll contact you via text within 48 hours to discuss a training plan to help you and your service dog succeed.

3. You and your service dog can enjoy your newfound independence for years to come.

Our Promise To You

We train with kindness. Keeping the health and happiness of your dog at the forefront of training.
We will treat you and your dog with dignity and respect. You will never feel like your voice is not heard.

We will always be transparent about your dog's progress during their journey to becoming a service dog.

When you train with us,

you gain:

  • A support system to help get you through your journey

  • Expert handling skills

  • A reliable service dog

  • Hands-on guidance during each and every stage of service dog training- The confidence to handle any obstacles service dog training throws your way


Monthly Coaching

Board & Train

Pet Dog Basics

We help guide you through the process of training. You'll work with your dog outside of lessons, and we'll guide you along the way.

We do the groundwork for you. Then, we work with you extensively to teach you and your dog to work as a team. We have an extended integration process to make sure your service dog continues to make progress.

Your dog needs to learn how to be a dog before they can be a service dog. We work in your home to teach your dog all the basics of being a well-mannered dog.

Please fill out the form at the button below and tell us about your dog so we can get you started on your training journey!

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